Faculty of Chemical and food Engineering has announced the launch of a new MSc in Industrial Biotechnology

The MSc.  program in Industrial Biotechnology is a two years study with 33 credit hour course work and 6 credit hour thesis work. The MSc. Program in Industrial Biotechnology includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills in Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Biotechnology tools, Bioprocess engineering, Enzyme Technology, Nano-Biotechnology, Food Biotechnology, Microbial Biotechnology, Biosafety, Bioinformatics, Research methods & experimental design and Graduate Seminar.

To this effect, after successful completion of the study, graduates will be expected to:

  1. Work  in  industrial,  environmental  protection, food science sectors, national and regional Biotechnology research institutes, universities, science and technology agencies, emerging technology centers and Ethiopian Biotechnology centers
  2. Identify  problems,  design  sound proposal and  execute  research  projects  in  and  related areas,
  3. Disseminate scientific knowledge through publishing scientific papers and
  4. Be entrepreneurs who will invest their knowledge in different sectors of life sciences.


 For more info, please contact

Mr. Tadele Negash

Head, Chemical and Biotechnology

Tel: +251911931140

E-mail: tadelenegash@gmail.com