Academic Calendar for all Evening and Summer Programs in 2010 E.C (2017/18 G.C.)

July 12

ሐምሌ 05

All summer instructors submit course guide book to their departments program  managers 

Deans and Directors submit Summer  semester teaching load assignment  of each instructor Staff statics & Classroom demand to office of ex- ecutive  director for academic affairs/academic program director

July 11-13

ሐምሌ 04-06

Registration for all Evening Program  Students.


ሐምሌ 07

Class begins for all Evening Program  Students.

July 16-17

ሐምሌ 09-10

Registration for all Summer Program  Students.


ሐምሌ 09-10

Registration for Bega  courses to Summer Students.


ሐምሌ 09

Registration for Supp. Exam to summer and Extension students


ሐምሌ 09-10

Application for Immediate Readmission to Evening and summer program Students.


ሐምሌ 09-12

Supp.Exam period for summer and Extension students


ሐምሌ 11

Application for re-marking(for summer and Evening Undergraduate programs)

July 18

ሐምሌ 11

Late Registration with penalty for all summer and Evening program Students

July 18

ሐምሌ 11

Class begins for all summer programs (except those having tutorial for distance courses)

July 18-22

ሐምሌ 11-15

Tutorial session for Bega courses to the summer program students


ሐምሌ 13

Last date of reporting sup. Exam result for summer and Extension students.

July 21

ሐምሌ 14

Registration for Bega courses to summer student who took supp. Exam


ሐምሌ 14

Registration for all Summer semester to summer and extension students  who took sup. exam.


ሐምሌ 15-17

Examination period for Bega courses and summer program students.


ሐምሌ 17

Class begins for summer Programs (After tutorial for Bega courses)


ሐምሌ 20

Last date for reporting Examination results for Bega courses.


ሐምሌ 21

Registration date for summer semester to summer students after Bega course Examination.

July 30

ሐምሌ 23

Add and drop of courses for all summer and Evening program students.