Article 71 Choice of Faculty and/or Major Academic Departments

71.1 All newly registered degree students shall choose academic departments and/or faculties according to their desired field of specialization.

71.2 Students will be admitted into the department and/or faculty of their choice on a competitive basis using their Academic Excellency as' a measure. 

71.3 Departments or faculties may submit specific entrance requirements such as passes in certain subjects or additional test results and may state if and what kinds of physical disabilities prevent students from pursuing studies in their respective disciplines. These requirements need to be developed by the relevant departments and faculties and approved by the Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee of the Senate, when the University is ready to develop its own admission procedures and policies.

71.4 Students shall fill out application forms indicating their choices of discipline, their preparatory and entrance examination marks and other particulars for review by the Admissions and Placement Committee of the Senate.

71.5 In cases where there are more applicants than places in a department or faculty, those applicants who fail to get their first choice will compete for their second choice and if they fail to get their second choice they do the same for their third, fourth choice, etc.

71.6 Regular students sponsored by government institutions to fill specific manpower vacancies shall be placed in the department that offers the desired program of study provided that they meet the minimum entrance requirement and they provide letters from the appropriate authority justifying the need for admission into the desired department. In any particular department, the number of students placed in this manner shall not exceed 10% of the total number of students placed in that department.

71.7 Students with physical disabilities such as visual and hearing impairments shall be placed in accordance with the general regulations governing placement, taking into consideration wherever necessary, their specific needs.

71.8 20% of all places shall be reserved for females in addition to their right to compete in the 80% places.

71.9 When there are more applicants with the same GPA or CGPA bracket indicating the same level of preference to a department or faculty than places therein, applicants with better grades in the specific entrance requirements shall be given priority.

71.10 The Admissions and Placement Committee of the Senate, through the Registrar, shall notify the relevant deans about placement results and if faculties or students have complaints on the results, these should be dealt within four weeks following the announcement.

71.11 A candidate who has sufficient reason to believe that there was an error in processing his placement application may report the case to the Registrar for review by the Admissions and Placement Committee of the Senate.