Organizational Structure

The IoT Registrar/Customer Relations Office is structured as follows:

The Registrar Head: the office, as a team leader is responsible for controlling the overall activities and services given to customers. Under this Team there are different workers.

Documents and documentation worker: verification and Issue students documents after graduation based on fulfillment of the requirements by the customer; like cost sharing receipt and clearance verify students documents and submit to the registrar officer

Database worker: Responsible for keeping the students' database in the institute, prepare student copy and Temporary degree, prepare students' GCR

Recorder: Student Registration, Receive students' official grades from instructors, receive readmission and withdrawal applications, issue grade reports for students advisors and file a copy of it.



The IoT Registrar Office is located at the main building in IoT/iOTEX institutes campus 1st floor.


About IoT Registrar:


IoT registrar office aimed at delivering authentic and simplified services to the customers by clearly specifying the services to be delivered and the requirements for the services. This commitment is shown by using modern way of keeping students academic records. In doing so the office assists in assuring quality learning and teaching process at IoT .