CV of Scientific Director

Rank: Associate professor
Office: Scientific director
Department : Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering



Ph.D.     Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2012

M.S.       Hydraulic Engineering, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 2004

B.S.       Civil Engineering, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, 2001

Academic Experience

Visiting Scie.: International Water Management Institute, 08/2016 to 01/2017

Dean      Faculty of Civil & Water Resources Engineering, BDU., 2013-2016

Deputy Dean Research and Publication Office of BDU Inst. of Tech. 2012- 2013

Assistant Prof.:Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering, BDU,2012-2016

Research Ass.: Department of Bio. and Env. Engineering, Cornell University, 2009-2013

Head, Civil Engineering Department, BDU, 2008-2009

Head, Water Resources Engineering Department, BDU, 2005- 2007

Lecturer,Department of Civil and Water Resources, BDU, 2001-2013

Research interest

My research interest has been on rainfall-runoff processes, irrigation and water productivity, sustainability of water supply, soil erosion and sediment transport, non-point source pollution and water quality, and soil and water conservation. With the help of MSc and PhD students, I have been actively involved on research and modeling better ways to manage water in surface and ground water particularly in the Blue Nile Basin.

Membership of professional services

A member of Ethiopian Young Academy of Science since Feb 2015

A member of Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineering since Oct 2015

Publications/presentation (2005 TO PRESENT)


H-index of 18 in Google scholar.


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