Vision and Mission of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT)


To become one of the top ten premier technology institutes in Africa in 2025 recognized for its practical oriented education, research and innovative technologies. Most importantly, we envision having a national impact via dissemination of innovative technologies centering to the need of the local community and industrial sector. This can be accomplished by several means. In the first place, our graduates grow to lead technical engineering positions in construction, manufacturing and process industrial sector and become professors at universities. Moreover, we foresee that our industrial partnership program will grow and allow fast transition of our technological tools to improve their production efficiency.


To contribute substantially for economic, technological and scientific development of the nation, the continent at large; through the provision of high quality education, active engagement in research and technology transfer packages, while offering our employees a conducive and rewarding working environment that values, recognizes and appreciates their contributions.

Upgrade and value our indigenous technologies that fosters improvement of the lively hood of the local community.

Assist our industrial partners in employing our technological tools to transfer more rapidly the bench scale discoveries in such a way that the industries are targeted in cleaner, more efficient processes technology implementation that helped to be competitive in the global green economy.