PhD Program in Sustainable Energy Engineering

Standard Period of Study:  3 to 5 years
Total Credit Point (CP) for PhD with Coursework: 13 + Doctoral Dissertation
                                               PhD without Coursework: Doctoral Dissertation
Objectives of the program
  • To create platform for conducting research and innovation in sustainable energy engineering
  • To increase the number of publications, patents, innovations, and community outreach activities in the center
  • To provide highly qualified (specialist) experts to fill the manpower need of the country especially in the education and research sector
  • To create opportunity for staffs to upgrade their critical thinking, technological skills, and research capabilities through PhD education
  • To provide broad-based high caliber, research-intensive, and objective education and training in  sustainable energy engineering
  • To produce graduates with a higher degree of  competence  through the promotion of  research oriented practical education  relevant to the energy sector of the country including the high skilled employment needs presented by a growing economy operating in global environment;
  • To produce a man power of excellence in different dimensions of research in  sustainable energy  and  a graduate with a higher degree of responsibility and relevance to the needs of the country;
  • To strengthen the link between industry, and university through engagement of the candidates research work on the actual problem of the energy sector of the industry and the country at large.

Research in the area of Sustainable Energy Engineering will address the development and application of scientific principles, economic aspect and related techniques and fully integrated with problem solving particularly visible and pertinent in solving current problems in addition to contributing to the science. Candidates are expected to submit a research concept note during application and develop it with the assistance of their SDAC after admission. The research is supposed to deal with uniquely combating the ever pressing challenges in energy through innovative solutions and Appropriate Technology. A chapter in the applicants research proposal/concept note should include a detailed focus to problems in the community related to energy saving and supply.

Student(s) will be admitted to the PhD program under one of the following categories:

a)      Students with or without college/university fellowship or with research project support.

b)      Students who are staff members of BDU

In general the applicant should fulfill the following requirements:

a) MSc Degree or equivalent in related fields of Sustainable Energy engineering, Energy Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Physics from a recognized Institution to be decided by PGC. Applicants with MSc degrees in some other fields may have to take some remedial graduate courses recommended by the advisory committee and through special admission policy of BDU to fulfill the prerequisites of the PhD courses.

b) A candidate who has a high scholastic standing, whose professional experience has been superior and who has received good recommendations shall be given priority for admission. In spite of this, priorities in admission may be granted to students with sponsors.

c) The Bahir Dar Energy Center will give a written and oral qualifying examination and an interview in consultation with the advisors. The Program Graduate Committees (PGC) within the center will conduct the evaluation as well as the interview. Refer the BDU legislation about PGC.

d)  Candidates are expected to submit two recommendation letters on a statement of interest/motivation, and a research concept note for the PhD program that should entail the concept of Appropriate Technology in the context of Sustainable Energy Engineering.

d)  The assessment of admission is made by the PGC, endorsed by the center academic commission and approved by the institute counsel of graduate studies (GSC).

e)   Candidates must also meet the general application and graduate admission policy of Bahir Dar University.

f)   Students must qualify for a PhD in terms of assessing Critical Thinking Skills

g)      PhD by Research candidates should demonstrate a strong academic and research background (i.e. at least 1 publication) including having the ability to independently pursue the research of interest in a scientific manner.