About Computer Science

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science

  የሳይንስ ባችለር ዲግሪ በኮምፒውተር ሳይንስ


Computers play a major role in shaping the information or the knowledge age. They are also becoming essential in almost all activities of human life. Furthermore, with the decline in the price of computer hardware, nations, organizations and individuals that couldn't afford to have computers some years back can now afford to acquire them. However, the acquisition of the hardware is just one step towards computerization. The most important step is to be able to use them properly.

This necessitates for a high number of skilled computer scientists who will develop the necessary applications for the computers, who will administer the computer systems and who will decide on computer system acquisitions of the organizations and all automation processes in general.

Institutions, enterprises, organizations and companies in all sectors, public and private, are directly or indirectly being affected by the overwhelming information flow around the world. The effect goes down to small businesses and even to individuals. Every such unit should be equipped with tools that enable it to survive in such a dynamic world. Ethiopia is no exception and we must get ready to cope up with the influence of the knowledge age in our day‑to‑day life.

A curriculum in Computer Science must be designed in such a way that it addresses the current needs of the country. Currently, the country has no sufficient number of competent computer professionals in the various fields of Computer Science. Various Governmental and other organizations have the desire to use modern information technology.

Rationale of the Program

This curriculum is the revision of the conventional system, and it is being improved according to modular system guideline. The basic rationale for program is the prevailing conditions in the Country with respect to the needs for professionals in this area and the future trends that are developing in the demands for the profession. The Department has been keenly following the developments in this regard both within the Country and internationally and the following provide some of the major facts and observations on which these programs premised.


Over these years the undergraduate instructions have significantly developed - reflecting both the national needs and the rapid growth of the discipline and have now reached a point where graduates of its undergraduate program are equipped with sufficient theoretical and practical skills that would enable them to be engaged in work. Ethiopia, like many of the developing countries, is essentially a user of products of computer technology. The current undergraduate program, which has matured through a series of evolutionary changes over the years, is designed so as to meet the needs of the main employers of the graduates in the operation and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment and machines. To meet these needs the program is made broad enough to cover most major. But it has now become necessary to look ahead to the future needs of the country and provide educational means to meet these needs. The convergence of computers & communication technologies has made it imperative to provide education that imports knowledge & skill in these two fields concurrently. The training provided should be versatile and enables graduates to work in research, design, development, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, sales and technical support, and as entrepreneurs, consultants and teachers.