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Food Technology and Engineering


Evaluating antioxidant activity and preservative effect of thyme (Thymus Schimberi L.) on some food products. Gebrehana Ashine and Shimelis Admassu, British Journal of applied science and technology, issue 4 (October-Dec.), 2013.



Effect of thermal processing on the nutrient degradation kinetics of green leafy vegetables


Mr. Gebrehana Ashine



Food Quality and Safety

Autumn honey quality assessment in Danglla Wereda, 2013.



Mr. Tadele Andargie


 The extent of adulteration in selected foods at Bahir Dar


Mr. Henock Woldemichael and

Mr. Biresaw Demelash



Food Science and Technology

Nutritional contents of three edible oyster mushrooms grown on two substrates at Haramaya, Ethiopia, and sensory properties of boiled mushroom and mushroom sauce. H. W. Michael et al., International Journal of Food Science and Technology 2011, 46, 732–738.



Mr. Henock Woldemichael



Post harvest Technology

Development and evaluation of low cost evaporative coolers to minimize post harvest losses of tomato around Woreta, 2013.



Mr. Henock Woldemichael and

 Mr. Biresaw Demelash


Obesity studies on urban population in Libya

National research study on the Prevalence of overweight and obesity among  the  adolescents of Libyan population. Principal Research coordinator, Tripoli medical university, Tripoli, Libya, 2008.




Ongoing Research under Chemical and Food Engineering Faculty


No. Title of the research Investigator Start time Complete Chair

1.        Modeling of biomass combustion and gasification reactions in mini stove

Tesfaye Alamirew     Chemical and Biotechnology
2 Physic-Chemical Characterizations of Ethiopian Kaolin for Industrial Applications: Case Study WDP Propoxur Formulations Feleke Kuraz and Tedele Assefa     Energy and Environmental
3 Construction and evaluation of wet land for Removal of Heavy Metal from Tannery Waste Water with Suitable Local Substrate material Gemechu Kassaye, Dr. Nigus Gabbiye and Agegnehu Alemu     Energy and Environmental
4 Quality Assessment of homemade complimentary food in the case of Hann health center, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia Helen Walle, Hana Derbew and Mahilet Minwuyelet     Food and Beverage process
5 Nutritional Composition ,Physicochemical , Cooking and Functional Properties of selected Newly Introduced Low Land and Upland Rice  Varieties Grown in Fogera ,Pawi and Mitseber, Ethiopia Agmasie Agazi, Eskinder Endalew & Bayuh Belay     Food and Beverage process
6 Development and Evaluation of physicochemical and sensory quality of sausage product from beef meat, soy and milet flour. Behailu Bisenebet and Abebe Mengist     Food and Beverage process
7 Effects of Orange flesh sweet potato ratio on physicochemical & sensory properties of orange flash sweet potato- Teff Blend Injera. Mahilet Minwuyelet and Bekelech Getachew     Food and Beverage process
8 Assessment of nutrition labels in locally produced commercial packaged foods and beverages in Ethiopia   Dr. Hirut Assaye     Applied Human Nutrition
9 Effect of fermentation on the nutritional quality of ‘Engido’ (Triticum decocum) based food products: a native oat species in Ethiopia        Applied Human Nutrition
10 Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice towards nutrition among adults living with HIV/AIDS attending government hospitals in Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia   Genet Mekuria,Tsegahun Worku & Amnuel Nana     Applied Human Nutrition
11 Microbiological quality and safety of complementary foods given to children 6-23 months old in North West Ethiopia        Applied Human Nutrition
 12  Mathematical modelling of drying kinetics and thermal performance study of bubble and cabinets solar dryer for maize drying   Aynadis Molla      postharvest Technology
 13  Production and evaluation of textile wet processing enzymes: a case of bahir dar textile wet mills biotransformation through white finishing   Meskerem Tsehay      Process Engineering
 14  Development of low cost Composite Construction Material from Rice husk and waste plastics  Yalew W/amanuel, Dr. Zenamarkos Bantie and Henok Getachew      Process Engineering
15 Occurrence and  persistence of Enterohemorrhagic  Eshericherichia coli O157:H7 from Retail Raw Meat Products in Bahir Dar, West Amhara, Ethiopia  Dr. Takele Ayanaw, Dr. Arunthangavel & Admasu Fanta