BiT started undergraduates program in Electrical Engineering for Tana-Beles Hydropower Plant workers

School of Computing and Electrical Engineering at Bahir Dar Institute Technology, Bahir Dar University, has launched undergraduate program in its first kind in Electrical Engineering for Tana-Beles Hydropower Plant workers. The program will be delivered at Tana-Beles Hydropower station at weekends. To start this program, the two institutes has signed MoU and the program is officially started on 04 Nov, 2014 at Tana Beles Hydropower station by representatives of both institutes.

 Mr. Mulugeta, head of Tana Beles Hydropower station, stated on his speech that we tried our best to make this program real, and we are very happy to see Bahir Dar University here in Tana Beles. I believe that the program will be fruitful and we will do our best to fulfill the required things for the program. He added that I think our collaboration will continue in other areas and projects. Finally, he forwards his gratitude for Bahir Dar University for the implementation of this program. 

At that moment, Mr. Yonas Mitiku, Deputy Scientific Director of BiT and Assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering, stated that the institute is working hard to support the GTP plan of the country.  In this regard, besides the normal teaching-learning process, we try to reach to the community in various research and community service activities. Hence, we believe this program will assist the station workers in particular and EEPCo in general to strength the fundamental knowledge on Electrical Engineering. In addition, the program will assist our institute to get practical knowledge from the industry. For this, we try to fulfill the required demands for the program based our capacity.  We hope, we will continue such effort for other disciplines.  Finally, the Deputy Scientific Director announced the official beginning of the program and forwards his good wish for the students of this program.