Duties and Responsibilities of PRCS Coordinator

Name: Gashaw Mihiretu



The Coordinator of Graduate program shall have the following duties:

 With concerned bodies, examine proposals ;

  1. promote and co-ordinate interdisciplinary programs for graduate studies and ensure research and teaching programs are well integrated; 
  2. recommend for approval to the Academic Council proposals for new graduate programs;
  3. facilitate collaboration with graduate programs in other universities, or with organizations that seek such collaboration;
  4. ensure that both existing and new guidelines set by the Academic council, or decisions made by it are implemented by concerned graduate programs;
  5. formulate and recommend general policy for the welfare of graduate students and the award of graduate studentship and other awards;
  6. recommend to the Academic Council the award of the appropriate post- graduate diploma, certificate or degree in accordance with University rules and regulations;
  7. participate in the periodic assessment of the graduate programs of the University;
  8. advise the Academic Council on all matters regarding graduate programs; research and community services;
  9. Select thematic areas for research; Call for research proposals and journal articles;
  10. Follow up the funded researches to be finalized on the given timeframe;