GIZ-STEP in collaboration with BiT gave ProNet Entrepreneurship Training

GIZ-STEP in collaboration with Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT) organized and delivered training workshop entitled ‘ProNet Entrepreneurship workshop’ from 6th to 17th Nov. 2017. The ProNet Entrepreneurship training main objective is an experiential training package designed to equip graduates, academia and local enterprises with practical knowledge and skills to initiate, plan, and run their own business with practically tested tools and techniques in the business environment. Specifically, the ProNet training aims at:
  • Raising the level of productivity and competitiveness in SMEs
  • Assisting SMEs to produce according to international standards of quality and environment

During this workshop, a total of 47 participants comprising of faculties/institutes from nearby universities in Amhara Region including (BiT, KiT, Debre Tabor University, Debre Markos University, University of Gondar, Debre Birhan University, Woldiya University and SMEs from the respective towns of the universities), Bahir Dar and nearby Woredas and prospective graduates from BiT. The participants who completed the training successfully were composed of 12 females and 35 males. These include 19 university academic staffs, 10 SMEs, and 14 students.