Energy and power Laboratories

 Course: Electrical Workshop Practice I &II

1. Internal InstallationPractice

 The laboratory exercise includes:

  • Splicing
  • One lamp controlled from two differentplaces
  • Series Circuit and ParallelCircuit
  • Two Lamps Controlled from Four Differentplaces
  • Master ON/OFFcircuit
  • Wiring of FluorescentLamp
  • Bell Circuit and AnnunciatorCircuit

 2.    Induction Motor Control

 Induction Motor Control Training System – Lab Volt (Qty - 02)

The laboratory exercise included:
  •  Direct online
  • Forward–Reverse
  • Sequential operation ofmotor
  • Star -Delta
3. Rewinding of Apparatus Coil

Coil Winding Machine (Qty -03)  Rewinding of contactorcoil

 4.    Designing and Winding of Single-PhaseTransformer

a.    Single phase core typetransformer

 b.    Single phase shell typetransformer

5. Induction motorrewinding

 Course: Electrical Machines

 Laboratory equipment’s list and descriptions

 Electrical Machines Lab contains following machines and equipment. This lab caters to courses such as Introduction to Electrical Machine and Advanced Electrical Machine.

 1.  Single phase and three phasetransformers


Technical specifications

Single-Phase Transformer

DL 1093 (Qty 2)

Core-type transformer with split windings. It can also be used as an auto-transformer. Technical features: As a transformer

·       Rated power: 500VA

·       Primary voltages: 220/380V

·       Secondary voltages: 2 x 110 V

As anauto-transformer

·       Rated power: 500VA

·       Voltage: 220/380V

·       Frequency: 50/60Hz

Three-Phase Transformer

DL 1080 (Qty 2)