The 7th ICAST organized by Bahir-Dar Institute of Technology in collaboration with European Alliance for Innovation (EIA) was held in Bahir Dar

Bahir-Dar Institute of Technology in collaboration with European Alliance for Innovation (EIA) organized the 7th International Conference on Advancement of Science and Technology ICAST from August 2, up to 4 2019. The conference was opened by Dr. Ahmedin Mohammed, Deputy Minister of FDRE Ministry of Innovation and Technology, as a guest of honor. The Keynote speakers were Prof. KiflaiGebremedhin from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA; Prof. SamuelLakeou from District of Columbia (UDC), USA; and Dr. Michael M. Moges from FDRE Irrigation Development Commission; and Prof. KibretMequanint from Ontario, Canada was a session chair. Prof. Kiflai speech was on "Solutions to Sustainable Development in Africa" in which the professor highlights on the main challenges of African sustainable development in various aspects like in the area of water, power,and food insecurity with their possible solutions from the Engineering point of view.  Prof. Samuel speech was on “Solar Energy and Its Relevance for Energy Deprived Rural Areas”which gives a great emphasis on the recent achievement in solar power and with the proposition of efficient utilization of solar energy for its practical applications in rural areas, and Dr. Michael speech was on "Challenges and Opportunities of Irrigated Agriculture in Ethiopia".

The technical program was continued in the second day(August 3, 2019) at Jan Moskov library including around 60 paper and poster presentation, technology exhibitions, and BiT museum visits. Paper presentation was held under the following five sessions based on their research thematic area.

  • Agro-processing industries for sustainable development.
  • Water resource and environmental engineering.
  • Recent advances in electrical, electronics, and computing technologies.
  • Product design, manufacturing, and systems optimization.
  • Material science and engineering.