Bahir Dar Institute of Technology Students Won NASA international space apps challenge at national Level

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology Students won the NASA national space apps challenge which is held in Addis Ababa. The challenge was to create an application that leverages NASA's near-real-time and archival wildfire datasets along with other tools to support firefighting and fire mitigation efforts. Our 4th-year computer engineering student, Amanual Desalegn, Bekalu Ayalewu, Bruhtesfa Zelalem, and Yonatane Sisay, develop an Android smartphone application known as Polyfire to prevent wildfire.

The app developed by our students uses NASA satellite data with user-submitted data to provide information about fire and evacuation plans for users. It also provides notification for the fire department before the fire is spread out. Amanuel and his friends are now global nominees for International Challenge.