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Workshop on Six-Month Performance Evaluation

The institute has conducted six month performance evaluation workshop at Gondar from 14-16 Mar, 2015.

BiT Officials have Conducted Self-Evaluation

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology higher officials have conducted self- evaluation on the last six month performance. The aim of this self evaluation process was to share best practices and performances done by the directors and scale-up to other leaders. Moreover, self-evaluation, which are typically one component of the performance-review process, give leaders the opportunity to make sure that their operational and strategic leadership is in-line with the Institute as well as the University operational activities and accomplishments.

BiT Conduct Consultative Workshop on 2007 National Election

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology has conducted consultative workshop on 2007 E. C National Election. For this workshop, the institute called both the academic and administrative staffs and there were above three hundred participants. During his opening speech, the BiT managing director, Dr. Sisay Germew stated that the main aim of the workshop is to discuss on the election code of ethics, and  on the role and responsibilities of the people, the political parties, the Medias and civics societies in general and our role as university in particular.... Read More

Consultative Workshop on Collaboration and Partnership

The Institute has conducted Consultative Workshop to start collaboration and partnership with Osaka Institute of Technology, and Tokyo Institute of Technology of Japan. The aim of the workshop was to initiate the collaboration between Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, the two Institute of Technology’s in Japan, and stakeholders in Ethiopia for developing a joint research project in water supply, weather and climate monitoring.

The Institute has Allocated Freshman Students to the Programs

After one semester common Pre-Engineering course delivery, the institute has allocated freshman students to eight engineering programs of BiT.

BiT Higher Officials Visited Tana Beles Hydropower Station

BiT higher Official visited Tana Beles Hydropower Station on Wednesday, 18 Feb, 2015. The Deputy Scientific Director,All School Directors, and other higher officials of the insititute were participated in the visit. During the visit, there were discussion with   Tana Beles Hydropower Plant higher officials on collaboration, partnership and capacity building training.

The Institute Has Conducted Six Month Performance Report Workshop

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology has conducted a general assembly workshop to evaluate the six month performance of the institute. The workshop has conducted in two sessions. In the first session, each school and administrative office has evaluated and discussed about its six month performance with its instructors and staff.

Training on Sustaining Kaizen in the Institute

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology has been on the way to sustain transformation tool such as kaizen and BSC. In this Regard, Transformation office institute has prepared awareness training on how to implement and sustain Kaizen principles to increase the institute’s change program continuously.The training aims to fulfill the following objectives:

   Increase awareness of implementation of Kaizen principles

   Create motivation on sustaining the Kaizen work started before

Workshop on Integrated Decision Support System (IDSS)

Training Workshop on Integrated Decision Support System (IDSS) is being held in Bahir Dar, at Homland Hotel. The workshop is organized jointly by School of Civil & Water Resources Engineering, Blue Nile Water Institute and Geosptaial Data and Technology center.  The workshop will be held on February 2-6, 2015.

workshop on "Soil Erosion and Conservation on the Ethiopian Highlands: Trends and Challenges" on October 31- November 1, 2014.

The School of Civil & Water Resources Engineering of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University (SCWRE-BiT-BDU), funded by the PEER Science program of USAID conducted a workshop on "Soil Erosion and Conservation on the Ethiopian Highlands:  Trends and Challenges" on October 31- November 1, 2014.