Bahir Dar Institute of Technology organized a workshop on "Generative AI: Opportunities and Challenges" to explore the potential applications and issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various sectors.

Dr. Mkuanent Agegnehu, the Deputy Scientific Director of Research and Community Services, gave a keynote address to the workshop in which he highlighted the enormous prospects and difficulties that come with generative AI. He emphasized how it is relevant to current technologies like music production, imagine processing, and others. The President of Bahir Dar University, Dr. Firew Tegegne, emphasized the value of seizing AI prospects in his opening remark in order to avoid falling behind competition. He stressed how crucial it is to Ethiopia to use AI as a means of overcoming developmental obstacles in a variety of industries given its rapidly growing population and developing economy. 
Each session during the event focused on a different area where generative AI may have a big influence. Mr. Mulatu Gebeyehu talked about the advantages as well as challenges of using generative AI in education. In addition to discussing the need to get beyond challenges linked to educational diversity, cultural concerns, and upholding academic integrity, he underlined the possibilities for adaptive teaching, learning, and evaluation. Additionally, Mr. Dawit discussed the advantages plus drawbacks of generative AI in research and innovation. He stressed the need of utilizing developments in AI to improve research outcomes and promote innovation across all fields. Mr. Assefa investigated the relevance and influence of generative AI in healthcare. He discussed how it may be used to generate new drugs, diagnose diseases, and provide individualized treatment while also recognizing the difficulties in integrating AI into healthcare systems. The presentation by Mr. Mollalegn Dessalew concentrated on the effects of generative AI on several industries, notably agricultural and food production. Despite the difficulties, he emphasized the advantages that farmers might obtain from improvements in AI in improving agricultural operations. Following the presentations, a lively discussion took place among the workshop participants, enabling the exchange of ideas and perspectives on the topic. 
Information and Strategic Communication Directorate 
16 Jul 2023
Bahir Dar University