BiT’s Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering has conducted a consultative workshop

Today, the construction industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Ethiopia influencing the socio-economic development process and contributing approximately 8% of the GDP. However, the industry’s current practices are relatively traditional and require means and methods to improve the process, environment, and culture through advancement in technology, research and innovative approach by integrating various stakeholders.

As a result, Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering in collaboration with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has taken the initiative to address some of the challenges in our industry, identify gaps, and promote best practices in shaping future generations, advance the construction industry and go towards a research-oriented approach through a consultative workshop by linking the academia, constructors, consultants and agencies as a primary step. The workshop has incorporated various stakeholders (leading national construction industry partners, administrators, owners, designers, constructors, prefab manufacturers, academician and researchers) and visionaries to come together and conduct a stimulating discussion and futuristic thinking.

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