Mountain EVO Events

Bahir Dar University hosted two events: a closing meeting for Mountain EVO project and a policy meeting Jointly organized by the Mountain EVO project consortium and UNESCO IHP of the research project on “Adaptive governance of mountain ecosystem services for poverty alleviation enabled by environmental virtual observatories (Mountain EVO)” . Mountain EVO was funded by the UK's Natural Environment Research Council of Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation Program. The project is implemented by an international consortium of 10 institutions (Bahir Dar University, Cornell University, Wageningen university, University of Birmingham, University of Central Asia, CONDESAN, Society of Hydrologists and Meteorologists-Nepal,  University of Antwerp, UNESCO IHE) led by Imperial College London.

The policy meeting have provided key messages/recommendations on how to best promote citizen science as an integral element to achieving the SDGs, in particular on how it can play important role in monitoring progress on the SDGs, adding local observations, participation and transparency to the state-led assessments. In the meeting, participants from UNESCO, embassies, FAO, universities and project members have attended.

The closing meeting was held at Grand Resort and Spa in Bahir Dar City on 9-10 May 2017 and the policy meeting was held in Beshale Hotel in Addis Ababa on 11 May 2017.