BiT Celebrated Inauguration ceremony of Bezawit Schnell home building elements factory

Bahir Dar Institute of technology (BiT) in Bahir Dar University has been executing its strategic plan in research, community and consultancy services. As it is one of the core processes, BiT has been involved in the plantation process of Bezawit schnell home building elements factory which was inaugurated and launched in Bahir Dar town on 29/12/ 2010 E.C.  This work was as efficiently as fruitful and successful through bilateral cooperation of Bahir Dar institute of technology and Amhara Building Works Construction Enterprise (ABWCE). BiT takes its part in designing as long as providing specification and feasibility study of the factory; in addition to this, the institute has had priceless effort in delivering consultancy and supervision service in the study of planting the factory.

Bezawit schnell home building elements factory is a manufacturer of machinery for the production of innovative building elements, such as walls, slaves, roofs and stairs of home. They are portable and accessible to everywhere. This technology is expected to make easy our people life in the field of building home construction.