BiT Transferred technology of postharvest losses management to farmers.

Bahir Dar institute of technology- Bahir Dar University has endeavored to secure transformation of technology obtained through divers’ project works of BiT. Accordingly, the institute disseminated and transformed the new technology of postharvest losses management of cereal crops and vegetables to farmers and agricultural development officers who are found around Merawia and Bahir Dar town on 7th July 2018.   

The transformation of the new technology delivered to the participants of the training was particularly focused on post harvested crops like maize and lentil loss management.  It acquaints the participants of the meeting to the application of solar bubble technology for drying crops, and storage of the crops for six  or more months.

The people who acquired the new technology from this experiment were inspired by the project work yielded this knowledge. They swore that they will have saved their post harvested crops and vegetables from insects and spoilage through the application of this technology.