Dean Appointment/election

Faculty of computing has made dean election with the active involvement of the staff members and Mr. Dawed Nesru has been elected as a dean of the Faculty since the mid of October 2016. During the election process the prospective candidates including Dawed, present their motives, plans and the future fate of the faculty if they will be elected as a dean and the staff has made impressive discussions about the future directions of the Faculty with the candidates. And there was a big competition among them.

 The staff members raise a number of questions to the prospective candidates to know their plans, motivations, how they are ready lead the faculty and candidates reflect their ideas how they plan to lead the faculty. They also clearly present their motives, plans and even the challenges that they will face in black and white. At the end Mr. Dawed Nesru has got majority voice of the faculty staff members and he appointed as a Faculty Dean. With this connection all the faculty staff members express their delight and, wishes to have prosperous future career.