Weekly seminars

Faculty of computing started weekly seminar. Starting from 9th December 2016, the faculty formally and officially started the weekly seminar series. This seminar will serve as a discussion forum and an ideal place for scholars/academicians to share experience, knowledge, skill, ideas and helps them to update their creativity & innovations.

Interested academicians from the industry as well as PG students from the faculty will present their work turn by turn every week. The seminar has been scheduled to be conducted every Friday weekly and the mandate is given to Chair Holders of the faculty to coordinate it turn by turn. The first seminar which was presented by Wudassie G/Egziabhier entitled by Probabilistic Dialog Manager for Medical Diagnosis Domainwas organized by Data and Information management chair The seminar was started with the speech of the Faculty Dean who is Dawed N, and finalized with the provision of constructive comments from the participants.