Computing Faculty prepared well organized Labratory Manuals

Computing Faculity prepared well organized labratory manuals for selected lab oriented computing courses. This helps to push upward the teaching learning process to the Global standared needed in each program we have in the Faculty. Inline with, the Faculity Dean Mr. Dawed Nesru appreciates and thanks those staff members who were actively paricipate in the Lab manual preparation. The Faculty Dean also orders the Labratory technicians to put these manals in thier respective Labratories in each computers for the sake of increasing accessiblity. The Dean also forwad messages to Mr. Shewadres who is the Facility manager of the Faculty to followup the implementation.( to verify that whether each computers have the Lab manuals or not).


The following are list of Labratory manuals

1 Internet programming I

2 Internet Programming II


4 Funfamental of Database System

5 Advanced Database system

5 Information Retrieval


7 AI

8 Computer Graphics

9 Expert System

10 Multimedia system

11 Data Communication and Computer Networks

12 Distributed System

13 System and Network Administration

14 Event Driven Programming

15 programming I

16 Programming II


Therefore every one is coordially invited to download and use these manuals to foster the teaching learning process as the national demand of the country.