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Call for Graduate programs (Masters and PhD) at BDU for the year 2011 E.C.

List of Masters  Programs for 2011 E.C Under Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering which will be delivered in both Regular(BiT, Bahir Dar), Extension(BiT, Bahir Dar) and Weekend(Addis Ababa) :

1. Post Harvesting Technology

2. Process Engineering... Read More

First National Conference

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BIT), Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering,  is organizing the “1st National Conference on Post Harvest Loss Management(PHLM) for Improved Livelihood and Sustainable... Read More

Second Semester Registration
For all regular  undergraduate and graduate  students registration period for second semester is YEKATIT 5-7 
Community Service Announcement


Postharvest Conference(PHLM-2018) Extend

1st National Conference on Post Harvest Loss Management(PHLM-2018) for Improved Livelihood and Sustainable Development is extended to March 24, 2018

Dean Position

ለኬሚካልናምግብምህንድስናፋኩልቲዲንቦታመወዳደርየምትፈልጉመምህራንእስከ 06/04/2010 ዓ.ምከጧቱ 4፡00 ሰዓትድረስእንድታስገቡእያሣወቅን፣ የፋኩልቲዲንምርጫሁሉምመምህራንባሉበትበዚሁእለት (በ06/04/2010ዓ.ም)ከሰዓት 8፡30 በቴክኖሎጂኢንስቲትዩትየመሰብሰቢያአዳራሽ (Hall-3) የሚካሄድመሆኑንእንገልፃለን፡፡

Dean Position


... Read More

Call for Papers

Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology at Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia is pleased to announce a national conference PHLM-2018 on February 10. This conference is aimed to create platform for universities, research organizations, policy makers and industries to interact and share knowledge and further strengthen cooperation for exchange of ideas amongst individuals, academicians and... Read More

Call for Application (PhD in Post Harvest Technology

Call for Application (PhD in Postharvest Technology)

Abstract Submission Date is Extended

The abstract submission date is extended to march 30th 2016. Also the abstract acceptance notification will be announced within a week. I.e. April 7 2016