Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Mr. Mulugeta Adugna

Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement Officed for Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop guidelines and measures of internal systems of quality assurance that cover review of  
  • academic staff performance, course contents and programs, teaching-learning processes, 
  • assessment and grading systems, and student evaluation of courses and programs, research and  
  • community service activities;
  • Develop quality standards to undertake academic audit on a periodic basis, follow-up and  rectify the deficiencies revealed by the audit, and maintain appropriate documentation of the audit, activities undertaken and of ensuring results;
  • Lead and monitor the development of strategies, policies and procedures, directing quality  assurance and enhancement to ensure that these are maintained, reviewed and enhanced;
  • Plan and lead systemic review/ institutional assessment programs (self-evaluation and peer  review) of an institution or program to determine whether or not acceptable standards of education, scholarship, and infrastructure are being met, maintained and enhanced;
  • Formulate guidelines for course exemptions and waiver of rules on academic requirements;
  • Coordinate and facilitate the academic review of teaching, learning, research, service, and  outcomes based on a detailed examination of the curricula, structure, and effectiveness of a program as well as the quality and activities of its faculty
  • Coordinate and follow up the international accreditation of programs of the institute when 
  • necessary;
  • Report and communicate the findings of external reviewers of programs to the relevant 
  • academic units;
  • Support Faculties, and centers on enhancement of quality of education;