The School of Civil and Water Resources Engineering

Nestled in the beautiful green town just at shore of Lake Tana, in Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University, the School of Civil and Water Resources Engineering (SCWRE) is a fully accredited, public school that enrolls approximately 500 students per year. 

The SCWRE program is launched based in the premises that there is a strong need of manpower in the area of civil and water resources engineering so as to realize the development plan of the nation. Based on the recent education policy and the needs of the industry, the Bahir Dar University Senate has promulgated the establishment of the school of Civil and Water Resources Engineering.

The School of Civil and Water Resources Engineering has earned national and international prominence in several areas. The two of the broadest engineering disciplines, Civil and Water Resource & Environmental Engineering, at Institute of Technology have recently expanded their curriculum to encompass even more academic options in response to societal needs. In addition to the bachelor's degree based on Civil and Water Resources & Environmental Engineering, students now have opportunities for course work and research experience leading to masters degrees in Structural Engineering, Engineering Hydrology, Hydraulic Engineering and one undergraduate program in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Construction Technology. Moreover, the school has continuing education programs in the extension and summer division.