Exchange Visit

The aim of the visit was to establish a formal research collaborative partnership. Dr Dzwairo is the Principal Investigator on the South Africa side and Mr. Tilik Tena Wondim is the Co-Investigator for the Ethiopia activities, within the project called “Vaal and Nile basins Collaborative Research for Environmental Modelling and Remote Sensing (VNREM)”. Postgraduate students and Faculty from both Institutions will form the Collaborative Team.

During the visit, the start-up collaborative teamcreated an awareness about the exchange visit and conducted pre-discussion and information sharing seminars at BiT. In additionto having a broad understanding of the landuse/landcover pattern and topography of the basin components, intensive field visits were conducted within the Lake Tana sub-basins.  Further, holistic thematic areas were defined as follows:

1. Establishment of experimental watersheds for localized basin management

2. Comparative soil and water assessments for activities in the basins

3. Modelling the ecological functionality of the basins

 The scholarly exchange visit was completed by signing a working agreement document betweenthe Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Support, Durban University of Technology, South Africa and the Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering: Bahir Dar Institute of Technology - Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia.

Dr Bloodless Dzwairo holds a Doctor Technologiae Eng: Civil, MSc in IWRM, BSc Honours in Environmental Management and a BSc Chemistry and Microbiology. Currently, she is working as a Research Grants Administrator in the Research and Postgraduate Support Directorate at Durban University of Technology (DUT), South Africa. She took part in a collaborative exchange visit (November 1 - 7, 2015) with Bahir Dar Institute of Technology-Bahir Dar University (BiT-BDU), Ethiopia, within an Africa North-South Interaction.

Vaal and Nile basins Collaborative Research for Environmental Modeling and Remote Sensing (VNREM)