FCWRE Academic Counsel


The Academic Council(AC) of every faculty shall have the following members:


1)    Director Chairperson
2)   Academic Program Officers
3)   Coordinator of Customer Relations and Information Production Case Team 
 4)  Coordinator of Graduate Program, Research and Community Service 
 5)  Representative chairs from each program
 6)  Facility Manager 
 7)  One representative of students 

Duties and Responsibilities of the Academic Council (AC)

  • Approve budget and annual plan of the faculty; 
  • Allocate budget for chairs holders in the faculty based on the standard formula; 
  • Approve strategic plan of the faculty; 
  • Conduct scheduled meetings and extraordinary meeting(s) if requested by one-third of the members of the faculty’s council. 
  • Follow up issues that transcend the mandate of the chairs, Academic officers, Facility manager and others; 
  • Ensure the development and implementation of appropriate, customer-focused, efficient and effective, outcome focused, management and measurement system, process design, value and culture in the Faculty;
  • Developing, managing and renovating curricula for undergraduate graduate academic programs in consultation with chair holders; 
  • Ensure the quality of teaching-learning, research and community services based on established standards; 
  • Review the plans and reports of chairs, research groups and units and support offices; 
  • Review the plans of the faculty on the initiation/termination of new research units, programs, research group as per the established relevant regulations and practices; 
  • Based on the criteria set by the BiT council and in accordance with the provisions of Senate Legislation shall prepare list of reputable professional journals and update such list annually; 
  • Decide on academic promotions up to the rank of lecturer and recommend applications to higher ranks to the BiT council. 
  • Review grades and determine academic status of undergraduate and graduate students 
  • Recommend to the BiT Academic council the graduation of students of the faculty