Dr. Seifu Admassu Tilahun

School of Civil and Water Resources Engineering

e-mail:    <seifuad@yahoo.co.uk>

Message from the Dean


The School of Civil & Water Resources Engineering, one of the most important engineering disciplines has been established with the intention to improve infrastructures of the country and develop its water resources for the socio-economic development. Civil and Water Resources Engineering is an exciting and diverse field of the time specializing in structural engineering, geo-technical engineering, transport engineering, hydraulic engineering, hydrology, highway engineering, and environmental engineering etc. The graduates are, therefore, prepared for a wide range of careers and leadership of 21st century.

The school has diversity in graduate programs and is the first in establishing PhD program that prepares the future manager of the water resources of the Blue Nile Basin. It has also a faculty of diversity in intellect, creative thinking, culture and talent. Through committed teaching, research and innovation, the faculty members inspire their students to translate the acquired knowledge to solve real-local problems.

The school has various laboratories that have enabled it to be at the cutting edge of giving consultancy services for organizations and society around us. The school is committed to make a difference in human life and a better understanding of environment through original researches in partnership with local and international institutions.

We welcome you to an opportunity of becoming a graduate of the school and/or share with our community of diverse talent and commitment to the Moto of the University-Wisdom at the Source of the Blue Nile.