Labs and Workshops


Two laboratories are under the responsibility of the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Department: Water quality and treatment lab and Hydraulics lab. These laboratories also give service to students from other departments, e.g. Civil engineering department. Students of the WREE department also make use of three other laboratories which are under the responsibility of the Civil Engineering Department: Soil mechanics lab, Construction materials lab and Highway lab.

Hydraulics and Hydrology Lab

The lab space is rather limited, esp. when groups of upto 50 students are doing lab exercises at the same time. The hydraulics lab is relatively well equipped. However some spare parts are missing, and some equipment are currently not functional; Equipment for hydrology laboratory experiments are hardly available. More...

Water Quality and Treatment Lab

The lab space is sufficient. Equipment for water quality is mainly limited to portable equipment, with some partly outdated. Equipment for wastewater quality hardly exists; water treatment equipment is sufficient and in good operational condition. More...

GIS laboratory

The department has submitted a proposal to World Bank to establish a GIS and Resource Centre under the DIF programme. The laboratory will greatly benefit staffs and students of the department by enhancing their research and academic capabilities. However lately it was understood that the fund is cancelled by the World Bank and diverted for use in other emergency programs. More...

Classrooms and offices

The department comprises around five classrooms (temporarily shared with other departments) of a capacity of approx. 50 to 60 students each. The classrooms are equipped with one fixed blackboard and the corresponding number of chairs for the students.

The department office is rather well equipped and sufficient in size. It is also well equipped with appropriate number of cupboards for a proper filing system and a conference table. The lecturers’ offices are located far away from the department head office but are sufficiently equipped with tables and cupboards and also provided with internet connection.

Library and Literature

At present four separate libraries do exist on the campus. The library computer equipment is poor, thus the electronic search options for students are very limited. The literature for the water and environmental engineering department is rather outdated (most of the text books date from the 1970s and 1980s) and limited in number of copies for the students. At present the library does not provide any field specific journal and no online-subscriptions to journals do exist