students of BDU


Currently, there are two students associations participating in researches and assisiting the teaching learning processes. These are ECESA and CESCART. The detail of the two assocations are shown as hereunder.








Civil Engineering Students Computer Aided Research Team(CESCART) was established in Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT) on February 24, 2014 with well-defined objectives. The main reasons for its establishment are unavailability of customized software for Ethiopian civil engineering works/incorporating Ethiopian Codes. Commercial software are either very expensive.  With this idea in view, CESCART shall work in computer aided activities to create, develop and commercialize different civil engineering software.


Ethiopian Civil Engineering Students Association (ECESA) is legally registered and licensed association in accordance with the charities and societies proclamation No. 2703. ECESA was established in October 2011 and officially inaugurated in May 2012. It aims at creating opportunities for participation of students in our country’s growth and transformation of construction sector activities.

ECESA believes that, by putting a strong mark in the country’s itinerary of producing knowledgeable, competent and responsible civil engineering professionals, the trend it follows perfectly complements the current construction policy of the country for improving quality of civil engineering education through students’ participation and technology exchange with in Ethiopian universities and foreign universities.

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