Vision & Mission


The Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering aspires to be a center of excellence for community based and practice oriented teaching in the area of civil and water resources engineering and wants to play a major role in the development of the country through the work of dependable and dedicated professionals in the area. It is the strong conviction of the staff of the school to become a milestone for well-organized and developed engineering services that will bring practical changes in the service provision trends of the country, in particular Amhara Region where the university is located.


The mission of the program is to produce dependable graduates in the area of civil and water resources engineering. The program is mainly aimed at training manpower required for the realization of the country’s untouched civil engineering works and water resources potentials. Well qualified civil engineers and water resource engineers with adequate knowledge in the area of structural, highway, geotechnical, hydraulic, irrigation, hydropower and water supply  engineering will be produced through this program that can be actively engaged in the planning, development and management of Civil and Water Resources Engineering projects with keen sense of ethical and social responsibility. Specifically, the students will be equipped with the knowledge that enables them to execute different engineering tasks.