Facility Manager


Mr. Solomon Sebesbew
Facility Manager
 Duties and Responsibilities of Facility Manager
  • Develop and maintain educational and research support technologies, software’s and online resources; 
  • Ensure the provision and functionality of classroom and syndicate rooms’ technologies, infrastructure. 
  • Ensure the provision and functionality of offices and syndicate rooms’ technologies, infrastructure 
  • Support and advise chairs in the development, maintenance and accessing of their respective electronic, digital, and other online course system resources 
  • Oversee the demonstration and instruct ion of students in the preparation of materials and the use of laboratory and workshop equipment 
  • To ensure that the Technical team provides a helpful and timely reactive service to the requests of academic staff regarding preparation for laboratory practical sessions and for research. 
  • To respond to student requests for assistance in practical sessions and where appropriate with projects and equipment support, where these needs cannot be met directly from a member of the Technical team, maintaining a professional approach to support students, promoting development and preventing dependency. 
  • Oversee and contribute to the preparation and maintenance of equipment for laboratory work, including set up, dismantling and resetting of experimental spaces as necessary. 
  • Provide timely, efficient and customer based printing and copying services;
  • Develop and produce audio-video resources: lectures, expert interviews, laboratory, experiments, conferences, historic places and events, movies. 
  • Ensure a conducive environment for efficient laboratories and workshops utilization.
  • Provide support and guidance on the use of materials and equipment for teaching and research.
  • Make collaborative decisions with academic staff and the technical team regarding preparation for laboratory and workshop sessions.
  • Provide advice to students and colleagues where necessary to allow them to make decisions concerning practical work.
  • Initiate proposals and contribute to collaborative decisions with academic staff regarding, for example, the purchase of new capital equipment