Call for Seminar: Measuring functionality and performance levels

A seminar on Measuring functionality and performance levels by Unlocking the potential of Groundwater for the Poor is being held in New Library conference Room, Bahir Dar University.
Research conducted by an interdisciplinary team of established researchers in physical and social  sciences from the UK, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi and Australia, led by the British Geological Survey.
Survey Team in Ethiopia Addis Ababa University & BGS and Sheffield University in the UK.
List of participants is summerized below
No    Name        Chair    Position
1    Misbah Abdella    hydraulic   
2    Abebe Kidus    hydraulic  
3    Tariku Sileshi    hydraulic   
4    Getenet N.     hydraulic   
5    Abdu Yimer    hydraulic   
6    Wallelign Ayalew    hydraulic   
7    Eneyew Tamiru    hydraulic   
8    Bitew Genet    hydraulic   
9    Dr.Mengistie     hydraulic   
10    Tesfay Abebu    hydrology   
11    Ayele Mamo    hydrology   
12    Tadusal Asamine    hydrology   
13    Dr .Mamaru Ayalew    hydrology   
14    Dr.Temesgen Enku    hydrology   
15    Dr.Mulugeta Azeze    hydrology   
16    Dr.Fasikaw Atanaw    hydrology   
17    Fetlework Tilahun    irrigation    MSc Stud
18    Mastewal Mekuriaw    irrigation    MSc Stud
19    Adibar Hymiro    irrigation    MSc Stud
20    Jemer Yimer     irrigation    MSc Stud
21     Solomon Sebsbew    irrigation   
22    Habtamu Tsegaye    irrigation   
23    Zigyibel Feriew    irrigation   
24    Temesgen Fentahun    irrigation    MSc Stud
25    Dr. Dagnenet    irrigation   
26    Dr. Abebech    irrigation   
27    Dr.Tewodros    irrigation   
28    Dr. Atikilt Abebe    WSSE   
29    Dr.Dagnachew Akloge    WSSE   
30    Tilik Tena    WSSE   
31    Eshetu Asefa    WSSE   
32    Lakachew  Yihunie    WSSE   
33    Elias Dawa    WSSE   
34    Mastewal Lemma    WSSE   
35    Tringo Atalay    WSSE   
36    Adugna Shega    WSSE   
37    Worku Abunu    WSSE   
38    Chalachew Amogne    WSSE   
39    Hellina Fered    WSSE   
40     Feven         Msc   
41    Samuel Belay    MSc   
42    Chaachew Mulat    Msc student   
43    Mulugeta         PhD cand.   
44    Dessalew        PhD cand.   
45    Sisay        PhD cand.   
46    Feleke        PhD cand.   
47    Demis        PhD cand.

Tue, 04/16/2019
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Bahir Dar University, New Library conference Room