FMIE Programs

There are three undergraduate and five postgraduate programs running under the Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.


Mechanical engineering

1. Mechanical Design 

  • 2. Thermal Engineering
  • 3. Manufacturing Engineering
  • 4. Motor vehicle 
  • What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineers design, manufacture, and operate systems that extend our physical abilities. A mechanical engineer's work is seen every day in anything that moves. This includes designing an aircraft, planning a building's ventilation system and improving a car's fuel economy. Mechanical engineering also saves lives through bioengineering technologies. The world's first artificial heart was partially designed, manufactured and implanted using mechanical engineering principles.

As a mechanical engineer, you are an innovator. You're interested in the physical principles involved in a product's design, its manufacture and assembly, it’s safe operation and final disposal. You must also consider appearance and ease of use, the costs of design, manufacture, operation and effects on the environment of your product. Robotics, automation for manufacturing, environmentally responsible power generation or any form of transportation are just some of the areas where your product can be used. In fact, it would be hard to find an area or object in everyday life that is not in some way affected by a mechanical engineer.

Should You Become a Mechanical Engineer?

Here are some common traits of our mechanical engineering students:

§         Enjoy physics and math.

§         Problem-solve creatively.

§         Like to understand how and why things work.

§         Have an interest in bioengineering, aerospace or robotics.

§         Are curious about the use of alternative fuels and energy.

§         Want to use their ideas to help solve global problems.

Industrial Engineering

1. Industrial Engineering 

What is Industrial Engineering?
Industrial Engineers are interested in people and how they interact with technology.

All industrial engineers share the common goal of increasing an organization’s efficiency, profitability and safety in a variety of areas - manufacturing, retail, health care, finance, information technology, transportation, energy and consulting.

With Industrial Engineering, you will engineer complex systems. By system we mean any organization and/or business process in which people, materials, information, equipment, processes and/or energy interact in an integrated fashion. By engineering we mean the analysis, design, installation, control, evaluation, and improvement of systems, in a manner that protects the integrity and health of the human, social, and natural ecologies.

Should You Become an Industrial Engineer?

Here are some typical qualities of our industrial engineering students:

§         Enjoy math, business and new technologies.

§         Love working with people, organizing clubs and teams.

§         Look at things in terms of the big picture, and have ideas about how it could work better.

§         Have an interest in how people and technology interact.

§         Want have an exciting, flexible career, not limited to one industry or city.

Automotive Engineering