Training on Quality Education Conducted

Training was conducted from 5-10/04/2011 E.C. ( for 6 days in two rounds) on quality education at Gondar city. The training was organized collaborating with HERQA. The training participants were higher officials, deans, directors and chairs form academic and administrative wings in BiT, a total of 86 trainees.

The main objective of the training was to create awareness among the trainees about quality education package so as to improve the  quality  of education in BiT. The approach of the training was participatory. In all training sessions, there were  discussions and presentations  on issues which are  directly  related  to quality education in  the BiT context. According to the trainees  feedback , the  training was very essential and appropriate.

They  believed that  from the training they obtain  relevant and adequate information/ knowledge  about  the concept/principles  of quality education package and  this in turn help  them to  work according to the package in all aspects in order to  ensure quality education in their institution. After the end of the training there was a visit at Gonadr university for experience sharing.