Strategic Plan and Guidelines

Executive Summary  (taken from the Strategic Plan 2021-2025)

The achievements of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology along with increased growth of enrolment of students and program diversifications during the past 57 years have been multi-folded through continuous learning for practically oriented quality education, research and innovation. To achieve the core mission and vision, the institute has followed a well-prepared strategic plan for the past five years (2016 to 2020). This new five-year strategic plan (2021-2025) has been developed to sustain the momentum and effectively monitor the strategic goals of the institute. The strategic plan focuses on five important strategic themes such as teaching-learning; research and innovation; technology transfer, community engagement and income generation; governance and leadership; and establishing an enabling environment in the institute. Each strategic theme has tangible and measurable action steps with expected outcomes. Hence, the proposed plan is prospective, quantifiable, and adaptable to take advantage of the new opportunities and to respond to changing and dynamic conditions.

The issues that prevail in Bahir Dar Institute of Technology are mixed in nature and there is no clear distinction to sharply align the issues with one of the identified strategic themes. For instance, the requirements of staff development address several issues among the strategic themes and a common approach should be adopted by each unit of the institute to overcome the prevailing issues. Besides, with the continued tightening of government funding, the Institute is expected to increase the income generation activities via research, technology development, adapting emerging technologies, software development and consultancy service initiatives. We believe that employing common approaches for cross-cutting challenges helps to be more successful in achieving the strategic priorities.

  • Please refer to the BiT Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025 from the link (downloadable)
  • Also refer to the BDU Senate Legislation, Ethiopia Higer Education proclamation (downloadable)