Debas Sinishaw(PhD)

BiT Library Director
Office:  Jan-Moscov Library, First Floor, office #1

 The former Bahir Dar polytechnic institute, by now Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT) is one of the cofounder of Bahir Dar University is privileged to be located at the source of the Blue Nile and shore of Lake Tana. Office Library, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, is now giving all services by a modern complex building by assigning a historic name as 'Jan-Mosscov Library'. Our goal is to provide our users with excellent computerized service in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our library also offers computerized digital library to access our digital books and thesis collections. We give Inter library Loan for our staffs through the electronic library loan system. You can now browse our library catalog online, making reservations as well as writing book reviews. Finally, we encourage you to browse our website and see what our library has to offer and also to access online catalogdigital collection and thesis collections.