General Rules and Regulations

Economy - OECD

Every library user should abide by the following library rules:

  1. Carry your valid ID card with you when you enter the library and allow your belongings to be checked as you leave the library.

  2. Respect and obey the library staffs.

  3. Do not do anything that may disturb the library's silence and do not talk in groups.

  4. Do not wear loud and open shoes (such as sandals, spiked shoes, etc.) when you come to the library.

  5. When you come to the library, do not wear open clothes (Japoni) as well as clothes such as towels, gowns, scarves, big bags, umbrellas, hats, singlets, raincoats, etc.

  6. Do not bring personal books (modules).

  7. Since talking  inside the library is not allowed, turn your cell phone off.

  8. Do not bring bottled water, soft drinks and food. Chewing gum, sleeping, smoking and chewing gum are strictly prohibited.

  9. Smoking inside the library, strong smell  items   (such as stews, etc.) and bringing children are strictly prohibited in the library.

  10. Do not carry sharp, explosive or flammable materials.

  11. Do not put mastic on walls, chairs and tables and do not throw dirty things such as soft tissue paper, mastic, and paper on the floor

  12. Do not use perfumes, creams, ointments, etc., as they can disturb the environment and cause unpleasant odors.

  13. No internal or external noise, no cell phone communication;

  14. Not to disturb readers or librarians in any way;

  15. Not to insult or intimidate librarians;

  16. In the event of congestion during service delivery, queue and maintain order

  17. Not keeping a reading space by placing notebooks and similar materials on reading service tables

  18. Use your laptop, earphone, and headphone in a safe manner so that it will not disturb others.

  19. Not watching non-educational movies in the library.

  20.  Properly handle chairs, tables, etc. (do not write on tables, chairs and walls and do not hang feet from walls).

  21.  Handle the books you borrow from the library (not tearing up, not writing on books):

  22. Do not move chairs and tables and do not make noise when sitting and finished your reading. Adjust if possible.

  23. Not reading a book for two or three at a time by screaming and standing and in conversation with others.

  24. It is strictly forbidden to write, disseminate, remove carbon, and scrap paper in unnecessary articles in newspapers and magazines placed inside the library.

  25. Do not enter places where no one is allowed to enter except the staff.

  26. Access to the library only at designated locations.

  27. Do not take out books borrowed for short-term.

  28.  It is a crime to enter the library by using other students' names, pockets, addresses, IDs, etc.

  29. Standing idle with librarians , arguing, and sitting in the staffs' workplace and around are strictly prohibited.