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Civil Engineering

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 Civil Engineering

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Bachelor of science Degree in Civil Engineering

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5 years/full time

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Civil Engineering as defined by the London based Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) is a great art, on which the wealth and well-being of the whole of society depends. Its essential feature, as distinct from science and the arts, is the exercise of imagination to fashion the products, processes and people needed to create a sustainable physical and natural built environment. It requires a broad understanding of scientific principles, knowledge of materials and the art of analysis and synthesis. It also requires research, team working, and leadership and business skills. A Civil Engineer is someone who practices all or part of this art.

In a developing country like Ethiopia, civil engineering has great role and contribution to the economic development and improvement of the living standard of the people. As infrastructure developments are indicators of improved livelihood and ways of investment attractions and tourism, contribution of civil engineering in this regard is very crucial.

This program is aimed at training manpower required for the realization of the country’s untouched civil engineering works. Well qualified civil engineers with adequate knowledge in the area of structural, highway, geotechnical and water resources and who can be actively engaged in the planning, development and management of civil engineering projects will be produced through this program. Specifically, the trainees will be equipped with the knowledge that enables them to execute the following tasks:

- Undertake project identification, pre-feasibility and feasibility study and detail design of civil engineering works.

-  Prepare complete contract documents and terms of references for civil engineering projects

-  Plan, manage, monitor and evaluate the operation and maintenance of civil engineering works.

-  Remodeling and rehabilitation of existing civil engineering works.

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