Distance Coordinator

Mr. Muluken Birara
Faculty Continuing and Distance Education Coordinator

 Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Initiate a program leading to a degree or graduate level and the academic aspects of its implementation.
  • Ensure that courses have the same content and carry the same credits as those offered in the day-time program and be taught at accepted University standards. Such course credits shall be 
  • transferable where appropriate.
  • Review and co-ordinate the various continuing education programs offered at different faculties
  • Sees whether the existing University regulations and educational policies are properly implemented;
  • Sees whether the objectives, rationale, curricula, and teaching methods of each program meet the BiT requirements;
  • Sees whether the continuation of some existing continuing education programs is justified in light of the needs of the country;
  • Work towards enabling the Continuing Education Division to become self-supporting;
  • Work with deans and faculty Academic Commissions to ensure that course offerings are in accordance with proper academic standards;
  • Advise the Institute Council on matters pertaining to the Continuing Education Division;
  • Encourage the introduction and development of course-offerings through distance education and other modern means;
  • Review and recommend payment rates for academic and administrative staff; and tuition fee that should be collected from students.

Address :

 Phone (office): 0582262776
Email:   mulubira2@gmail.com 
Office: Main building. 026