Network and internet Technology

Network and Internet Technology chair is one of the chairs in the faculty which provides theoretical and practical knowledge for the faculty students’ and after they have learned the courses they will have the ability to develop their own networking systems, developing several network infrastructure, software and able to solve several community problems Basically this chair has organized to solve several network , internet , web application , mobile application deploying and maintaining of those technology. Under this chair courses which would enable students to develop network and create communication among computers, to aware and work with the recent web and mobile apps.

Course delivery

The network and internet chair has contributed its own responsibility by providing several courses for computing faculty students as well as any faculty which is interested to be served for coverage.

Undergraduate courses

The undergraduate program has the following courses: information assurance and security, data communication and computer network , Internet Programming I , Internet programming II , E-commerce , System and network administration , Introduction to distributed systems , wireless networking and mobile computing.

Postgraduate courses  

The postgraduate program has the following courses: Fundamentals of networking, wireless networking, and introduction to distributed system.

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Current Chair Holder