Computing was on the eve of establishment by joining its programs from different faculties and colleges in which these disciplines were incubated, Computer Science from Mathematics, Information Technology from Business and Computer science and Engineering from Electrical Engineering) by the time when PBR was implemented. Computer Science department was established in 2004 G.C. by providing a three years advanced diploma in ICT and a three years BSC degree in Computer Science. In the same manner, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program was launched by Computer Science Department (CSD) in 2000 E.C. On the other hand,

Information Technology was being provided by Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE). By observing the demand of communities and industries, FBE and CSD designed curriculum for Information Systems (IS) separately. However, before the inauguration of this new program, a new research-based direction was passed by Ministry of Education (MoE).

Hence, by following the direction of MoE, Bahir Dar University, decided to put all computing programs under one unit. According to the research-based direction of MoE, computing has to include Information Technology (IT), Computer Engineering (CE), Software Engineering (SE), Information Systems (IS), and Computer Science (CS). In the same year, that is 2001 E.C, the university was applying Business Process ReEngineering (BPR) and established School of Computing and Electrical Engineering having the four existing computing programs (IS, IT, CS and CSE) and Electrical Engineering.

Therefore, by following the direction of MoE and GTP2 of the nation, the school of computing has prepared this strategic plan to be implemented within five years (2007-2011).