Faculty Strategic Plan


                                               Strategies and Target

 In line with vision 2025 of the university, the school will develop, coordinate and manage different software development projects as shown below

          No                                                                        Project Type                                       Number of Projects

1 Automating business processes of
selected units of
the university
  • E-Learning
  • Library
  • Human Resource
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Student Teacher Evaluation



Identifying regional business
problems and developing software

  • Special focus will be given to

Amhara national regional
state Health, education and
Agriculture Bearus


Identifying national problems and
developing software solutions

  • Special focus will be given

towards supporting the
success of the country’s GTP



Based on the needs of the country and the trends in the technological advancement
of ICT, strong support and encouragements will be given to academic staff of the
school to conduct research and publish their findings in reputable journals. The
research activities will be carried out in the following thematic areas:-
1. Natural language processing 
o Speech recognition, Voice recognition, Sentence parsing, disambiguation, Grammar and spell checking, Speech synthesis,
    Machine translation, Sign languages etc.
2. Human Computer interaction
3. Microprocessor, digital electronics and chip design

4. Graphics, multimedia , image processing and animation
5. Database systems, data warehousing and data mining 
o Distributed database Systems, Database management system (DBMS),
Data model, concurrency control, Data warehouse, Data mining etc.
6. Information retrieval
7. ICT services Innovation, Adoption & Diffusion ,
 E-Health, E-Commerce, E-Government, E-Banking, Digital Library, etc.
8. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine learning, 
 Knowledge based systems, Expert Systems, Decision support systems,
Robotics, Machine translation, Photorealistic and non-photorealistic
image processing, image based modeling and rendering, image editing
and color representation, optical character recognition(OCR), Face
recognition, Brail recognition, Noise removal, etc.
9. Operating Systems, Networking and Security
10.Operating systems, Distributed operating system, Network Security,
11.Social, political and economic impact of ICT usage for the country
12.Technology and ICT services management
Information/data security, Wireless computing technologies and
infrastructures, Networking (design, analysis and implementations),
Bandwidth optimization etc. Information Architecture, Information system
Management, IS policy, development methods and strategies, Knowledge
Management, IS Outsourcing /off shoring, Human computer interaction etc.