Computer Science (MSc)

Master of Science in Computer Science

There is a vast growth in the Information communication Technology (ICT) industry throughout the world. Almost every day, new technologies are being invented and new programming languages are practiced.  The demands for Computer science Professionals is increasing drastically. Global opportunities are more for the computer science professionals. 

Some of the fundamental reasons why Computer Science professionals are needed in Ethiopia are:

  • Lack of high level skilled human resources in Networking, Database, Software development and Programming languages.
  • Fast growing telecommunication infrastructure paving the way for high demand for the computing professionals to support the telecommunication hardware by developing support software.
  • High level ICT Managers are insufficient in corporate sectors like power, aviation and telecommunications.
  • High demand for instructors at existing governmental and nongovernmental higher institutions in Computer Science.
  • Limited public awareness on ICT and hence a lot more to be developed for the society. 
  • Rapid development of ICT globally and high demand for professionals in computing. 
  • Only few private sector companies are available compared to other countries.

Masters of Science in Computer Science

Hosting Unit 

Faculty of Computing

Program Description:

The main objective of this postgraduate program is to educate students and to train them to address the complex and integrated problems in computer science both academia and society based. Further, the program aims to strengthen the educational, training and research capacities in the region.


A graduate from this program is expected to:

(a)   To bring current technological advancement in Computer Science

(b)   To shape the demand and needs of the local industries in accordance with the needs of the country

(c)    To enhance the innovative and problem solving skills of the graduates.

(d)   To facilitate for further studies like PhD and research. 

Duration of the program

Two years

Medium of Instruction


Admission criteria

The criterion for admission is based on the basic qualification criterion set by the Ministry of Education. The program requires participants to have a minimum of first degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering or related fields.

Based on the above necessary requirements, the admission requirements are:

(1)   A Bachelor’s degree in a field of study related to Computer Science or approval of the graduation committee

(2) The graduation committee from time to time decides the criteria based on the applications received. Entrance exam will be prepared and candidates are required to pass the exam. Selection will be based on both entrance exam and CGPA of the candidate. 

To begin the application process, the prospective student must first apply to the Office of Research, postgraduate and Community service Studies of Bahir Dar University or she/he should be placed to the program by an appropriate government authority. 


Annual intake

25-30 students

Tuition fee

 (2020/21 rate)

Contact person

Yirga Yayeh, PhD.