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Multimedia and Intelligent systems chair

Alemu Kumilachew (Asst. Prof.)

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Multimedia and Intelligent systems chair General Information


I.  Restructuring and Peer groupings of instructors with courses




Sub-Chair Name    

Sub-Course Chair holder

1.   Multimedia Inforrmation Systems

2.   Computer Graphics

3.   Digital Image Processing 

4.   Advanced Multimedia Systems

5.   Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

6.   Advanced Topics in HCI

7.   Computer Simulation and Modeling 

8.   Geographic Information System (GIS)

9.   Introduction to Information System

10.   Social and Professinal Ethics

11.   IT for Economic Development

12.   Management Information System

1.    Dagnachew Melsew

2.    Wondim Dessiye

3.    Agerie Abrew 

4.    Tekeste  Demissie

5.    Ephrem  Dagne

6.    Tewodros  Wale

7.    Tewodros  Assefa

8.    Tirudil  Asteraye


 Multimedia Systems and Technology  Potential list: Agerie Abrew

1.    Artificial Intelligence

2.    Expert Systems

3.    Decision Support System

4.    Knowledge  Based  Systems

5.    Knowledge management

6.    Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

7.    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

8.    Data mining

9.    Machine Learning

10.  Advanced Concepts in Data mining

11.  Research Methods and Professional Ethics for AI and DS 

12.  Algorithms for AI and DS

13.  Graduate Seminar in AI and Data science

14.  Machine Learning

15.  Applied Statistics for AI and DS

16.  Data Exploration and visualization 

17.  Deep Learning: recent methods and applications

18.  Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

19.  Internet of Things (IoT)

20.  Natural Language Processing

21.  Knowledge representation and reasoning

22.  Applied multivariate analysis

23.  Image processing and computer vision

24.  Spatial analysis and modeling

25.  Wireless sensor and multi-agent system control

26.  Evolutionary computing












1.      Mr. Alemu  K.

2.      Dr. Adane Nega

3.      Dr. Birhanu 

4.      Mrs. Bezawork T.

5.      Mr. Sertse Abebe

6.      Nurilign Gashaw 

7.      Fentahun Yersie

8.      Moges Tsega 

 AI and Data Science  Dr. Adane  N. 



II. Proposed Members of Chair council

No. Full Name Position Role

Alemu    Kumilachew  

Chair  Holder Chair Person

Agere     Abrew 

Chair Secretary

Tekeste   Demessie 

Staff Member

Ephrem   Dagne                           

Staff                      Member                  

Dr. Adane  Nega

Chair Member

Mrs. Bezawork  Tilahun

Staff Member

Mrs. Megdelawit  Bewuketu

PG Student Member


 III.  Staff Resource Profile


 No  Full Name  Sex  Rank/Academic Position  Specialization  Research Interest
 1         Alemu Kumilachew        M  Ass.Prof                              MSc. In Information Science        
  • Machine Learning
  • Knowledge based Systems & Reasoning     
  • HCI(Usability Engineering)
 2   Wondim  DEssiye  M  Lecturer  MSc. In Computer Science
  • Computer Graphics
  • Multimedia Sytems and Technology
  • Info.System Development
 3  Dagnachew  Melesew  M  Lecturer  MSc. In Computer Science
  • Multimedia Systems and Technology
 4  Sertse  Abebe  M  Lecturer  MSc. In Information Science
  • Big data analysis 
  • Multimedia Systems & Technology
 5  Efrem  Dagne  M  Lecturer  MSc. In Information Technology
  • Big data analysis
  • Multimedia Systems & Technology
 6  Agereie  Abrew  F  Lecturer  
  • Multimedia Systems & Technology
 7  Bezawork  Tilahun  F  Lecturer   MSc. In Software Engineering   
 8  Dr. Adane  Nega  M  Ass. Prof.  Phd. In Data Science and Modeling 
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Data Science
 9  Dr. Birhanu Hailu  M  Ass.Prof.   Phd. In Intelligent Systems Machine Learning / Deep Learning
 10  Tekeste  Demissie  M   Lecturer  MSc. In Information Technology
  • Context Aware Systems
 11  Tewodros  Assefa  M  Senior  Technical Ass.    
 12  Nurlign  Gashaw  M  Senior  Technical Ass.    
 13  Tewodros  Wale  M  Senior  Technical Ass.    
 14  Tirudil  Asteraye  F  Senior  Technical Ass.    
 15  Moges  Tsega  M  Technical Ass.    
 16  Fantahun  Yirsie  M  Senior  Technical Ass.    
 17  Megdelawit  Bewuketu  F  Assistant  Lecturer    


    IV.  Thematic (research) areas


                                                     The Chair  has  identified  14 thematic Areas that are related to both multimedia and intelligent systems : 
                • Compute Vision
                • Digital Image Processing
                • Data Compression Algorithm
                • Pattern Recognition and Speech Recognition, Searching, and Modeling
                • Social Media Computing
                • Autonomous Agent Modeling and Multii-agent Systems
                • Machine Learning and Learning theory
                • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
                • Natural Language Procession (NLP)
                • Robotics
                • Knowledge Based Systems and Applications
                • Human Computer Interaction(HCI)
                • Context Aware Systems
                • Data  Science


    V. Postgraduate programs

           Currently the multimedia and intelligent subsystems chair runs one postgraduate programs at Master's level in both regular and extention and also weekend. in addition, the chair has siginificant involvement in others post graduate programs such as Masters of Science in IT, CS and Software Engineering.