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Message from Programming Chair
Greetings and welcome to the web page of programing and computing chair of computing faculty at Bahir Dar University. We are a group of more than 4 department who work together with undergraduate and graduate trainees as well as dedicated research to advance our scientific, educational and community service goals. Our mission is to advance human understanding of Computing, both through teaching and research. In teaching, our mission is to educate our students so that they have the fundamental knowledge, and analyze variety of problems, generate appropriate algorithmic solutions and solve problems using the functional, object-oriented and logic programming paradigm.we are passionate and committed to the education of software engineers, computer scientist, IT engineers and Information System expert, to research, and to the community and our objectives are to provide outstanding education in a student-oriented university, to be a center of excellence in research, and to reach out to the community and the professions.We welcome students who want to make a super in their life with commitment, 

dedication and hard work.

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We are working to become a center of excellence by categorizing the faculty into sub specific Chair units. Programing and computing chair is one  
of the chair unit in the faculty of computing. Students interested in computer programming may earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in a field  
students develop an understanding of operating systems, basic programming and data structure algorithms, object oriented programming and  
technologies and parallel processing & embedded systems. our educational objectives are to develop problem-solving skills to formalize general  
problem statements into precise algorithmic solutions, to effectively develop, test, and debug a program using various software tools, to become 
proficient programmers and to develop experience conducting research and completing large projects. 






                                                                          Research and Community service_

Center for research and community Service unit has been established under the BIT to facilitate and administer research and community service activities conducted by our university. Programing chair unit has been actively encouraging research and community service activities. Students or academic staff may propose a community service project in a formal proposal document and also external organization may approach the faculty with project idea to seek support. The proposal should then be presented and approved by the research and community Service unit.

We are continuing innovation and excellence in teaching, research and services to communities.