Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Hosting Unit 
Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering
Program Description:
The program emphasizes chemical engineering topics with specialized studies in the contemporary fields of process engineering, environmental engineering, food engineering, Sugar Technology, Biochemical engineering, Bio-fuel technology, leather technology, etc. Program graduates are able to create (design), operate, control, optimize, and improve the process industries. It is the chemical engineer who is responsible for conceiving (product, process, and equipment), designing, operating, controlling, optimizing, and improving (modifying and modernizing) the industries that produce the aforementioned products and myriads of others. They can provide consultancy and technical services to the industrial sector and other socioeconomic sectors of the country. 
Duration of the program
Five years
Medium of Instruction
Admission criteria
Applicants should achieve the minimum score on Ethiopian Higher Education Qualification Certificate Examination (EHEQCE) or equivalent which satisfies admission cut point to higher education set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency. 
Annual intake
180 students
Tuition fee
(2020/21 rate)
Contact person
Belay Tefera, PhD.
Mequanint Demeke
Temesgen Atnafu, PhD
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