Faculty Dean

Ali Seid Ali (MSc)

Well come message from Faculty of chemical and Food Engineering Dean

On behalf of the faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering (FCFE), it is my great pleasure to send you a very sincere message of welcometo our faculty, which is a well committed community-oriented faculty in Bahir Dar Institute of Technology. The faculty offers a number of degree programs in Applied Human Nutrition, Chemical Engineering and Food Engineering. The faculty also gives Second degree (MSc) in Applied Human Nutrition, Environmental Engineering, Food Technology, Food Safety and Quality, Industrial Biotechnology,Polymer Science and Engineering, Postharvest Technology, Process Engineering and Sugar Process Technology.

The faculty gives third degree (PhD) in 

  • Chemical Engineering with different specialization (Process Engineering & design, Environmental & Biological Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Polymer Science & Engineering, Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology and Nano Science &Technology)
  • Postharvest Technology

Students counted in thousand are currently continuing their education by well qualified, dedicated enthusiastic academic staff. Among these staffs, around 20are assistant professors and above in academic status. Researches done in process intensification, energy utilization, product development, packaging, waste valorization, malnutrition and more other areas are contributing their own part for betterment of the community. These Researches and community services activities are provided to enhance the skill of students to approach the community with great sense of diversity. A lot of collaborations are done to national and international institutes, manufacturing sectors and organization.

 Ali Seid, Faculty Dean

Duties and responsibilities

  • Developing & articulating the mission, vision, and objectives of the Faculty in consultationwith chairs and in agreement with BiT strategic plan
  • Formulating the faculty’s strategic and annual plans and submitting the plan for Scientific Director of BiT;
  • Communicating and inculcating the faculty’s strategy, vision, mission and objective to facultymembers, and internal and external stakeholders;
  • Develop, together with the faculty Chairs, Academic program officer and Academic Council, core process performance standards, procedures and guidelines;
  • Developing better work systems, environment and incentive system so as to improve the motivation, efficiency and effectiveness of staff;
  • Establish and maintain bilateral and multilateral partnerships with international and local bodies;
  • Represent and advocate his faculty in internal and external affairs, in external intellectual and social affairs and events; attend and speak on behalf of his/her faculty on annual process and BiT meetings;
  • Ensure the provision of resources, facilities, training and education needed for the faculty’s staff;
  • Ensure that budget for scholarship related costs such as airfare are allocated in their annual plans.
  • Ensure the delivery of adequate, continuous and relevant staff development, training and education programs in collaboration with international partners, university leadership and others;
  • Implement continuous quality management and process improvement initiatives;
  • Develop appropriate staff development programs in line with the target performance goals of the faculty’s core processes;
  • Conduct periodic and continuous impact assessment and evaluation on the performance of the faculty’s core processes;
  • Benchmark local and foreign best practices in areas related to the faculty’s services and deliverables and process;
  • Undertake any other related tasks given by the scientific director/deputy scientific director

Term of Office: The term of Faculty Dean shall be two years with possible extension for one more term. The Scientific Director will decide if he/she would like to extend the appointment for a second term.


 Ali Seid Ali 

Lecturer, Chemical and Food Engineering Faculty
Dean, Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering 

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT)
Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Cell Phone: +251 912874890
Tel(office): +251 588209388